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On the Global Financial and Economic Crisis
The Institute of Development Studies on the global financial and economic crisis 2008-2009
From the Globalisation Team at the
Institute of Development Studies
Voices from the South
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Developing Countries

November 2008
The G20 countries gather for a special summit on the global financial crisis on 15 November 2008, but will the outcome help the world's least developed countries or will it do more damage? It is vital that the situation in the poorest countries is understood and their voices listened to. IDS invited 21 thinkers, academics and policymakers from 14 developing countries to present ‘snapshots’ looking at how the financial crisis is affecting their countries and how it is being discussed and characterised by policymakers, academics and in the media.
'The debate in rich countries about the impact of the global financial crisis has largely ignored its impact on developing countries. But the instability in financial markets around the world is already spilling over to the ‘real economy’ in poorer countries around the world. It is vital that policymakers from both North and South understand how this crisis may impact developing countries and the implications for development policy.' Neil McCulloch, IDS Research Fellow.

IDS Research Reveals the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Developing World: What the G20 need to know
Published: 27 Mar 2009 
Study shows poor people in developing countries are more vulnerable to financial crisis after using up assets during the food and fuel crisis.




Financial Crisis (update)
"The debate in rich countries about the impact of the global financial crisis has largely ignored its impact on developing countries. But the instability in financial markets around the world is already spilling over to the ‘real economy’ in several countries. The Institute of Development Studies is undertaking several research projects to give a more detailed understanding of the impact of the crisis across the developing world in order to be able to propose appropriate responses for policymakers in both rich and poor countries."(IDS)

China and Financial Crisis: Implications for Low-income Economies
Published: 27 May 2009 
How will China’s management of the financial crisis affect low-income economies? IDS and the Brookings-Tsinghua Centre, Beijing co-organised a workshop in China to explore these issues.
Cook, S and Lam, W (2009)
The Financial Crisis and China: What are the implications for low income countries?
Brighton: IDS

Cook, S. and Gu, J. (2009)
China and the Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Low-income Countries
IDS In Focus Policy Briefings 7.6, Brighton: IDS

Reflections on the G20 Summit
Published: 3 Apr 2009 

IDS members explore the summit's legitimacy and potential to effect change.

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