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A necessary explanation
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
The murder of Allende
And the end of the Chilean way to socialism

Róbinson Rojas
Harper and Row, New York, 1975,1976-Fitzhenry&Whiteside Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 1975
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
From the Publishers


A Necessary Explanation                               vii

1. The Artful Staging of a "Suicide"                    1
   The rebel forces                                 5
   The background of the conspiracy                 7
   Staging the "suicide"                           18
   The contradictions                              25
   What really happened                            37

2. Why was the general assassinated?                   48 
   The Schneider case                              49
   A problem for the U.S.                          52
   Allende, the new president                      65
   Now what?                                       77
   The hard-liners                                 84
   Strength and weakness                           89
   The constitutionalists                          92

3. The bosses conspire and the workers mobilize        94
   The empty pots                                  99
   The area of social property                    103
   A minister general                             104
   To advance or not to advance                   107
   A new military plot                            111
   October 1972                                   115
4. The Pentagon tells the generals to go ahead        121
   The political failure                          123
   The elections                                  128
   The generals                                   129
   Now or never                                   135

5. The general is not an honorable man                139
   The last message                               147
   A new step forward                             157
   A new military insurrection                    160
   A long meeting                                 166
   The pawns                                      168
   A murder                                       170
   Prats's ruin                                   175
   And the Navy                                   180
   The last days                                  181
   The oath                                       187

6. The inferno                                        190
   Operation Pincers                              192
   The tortures                                   202
   The women                                      206
   Corruption                                     212
   Notes for chapter 6
NOTES                                                 221
INDEX                                                 264

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ROBINSON ROJAS, "The Murder of Allende and the end of the
           Chilean Way to socialism", Harper and Row, 1975
"Ever since 1973 coup in Chile there has been considerable speculation
about what really happened and about the involvement of the U.S.
government and U.S. business interests. Now, this explosive account by
a Chilean journalist who lived through it all reveals the military,
industrial, and commercial conspiracy, abetted by North American
interests, to bring down the Allende government.
"Beginning on the day of the coup with Allende's murder and the 
military's artful staging of his "suicide", the book goes on to reveal
the background of intrigue and counter-intrigue; the participation
of the CIA, the Pentagon, and U.S. business interests, as well as that
of the Brazilian government; the sinister roles of the Chilean armed
forces, police forces, and political parties; the events throughout
Chile on the day of the coup as the massive military apparatus got 
under way; and the reign of terror and torture unleashed on the
civilian population. This is a fast-moving, well-paced narrative, 
with a "State of Siege" quality to it. It will be an important and
controversial book which neither Allendistas nor the conspirators
and their respectable fronts will like. It shows the latter as a gang
of premeditated murderers and the former, including Allende, as
honorable but very foolish men, who, until the very last moments,
believed that the military was made up of loyal soldiers, faithful to
the Constitution they were sworn to uphold. The author is an excellent
reporter and has carefully woven together the strands of seemingly
unrelated events into a coherent, compelling, and well-documented
story of who did what to whom, when."

(excerpts from "A Necessary Explanation")

"This book is an accusation. As such, it is written in the manner of 
an extensive police report. It recounts the story of an assassination:
the assassination of one particular man, of thousands of other men and
women, and of the ideas of those men and women. Here is the story
behind the assassination of Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens, the
constitutional President of Chile. The main actors in this drama are 
his murderers: their habits, their ideologies, their meetings, their
plans, their conspiracies.

"This is not a book that analyzes what happened. It is a book that 
tells what happened and how it happened. And because I am writing
as a journalist, a Chilean, a leftist, and a personal participant in
the events in Chile from 1970 to 1973, the reader will also find an
Allende very different from the image created by the funeral eulogies,
the statues, the posters, the worl-wide homages. Here is an Allende
stripped of the mask of perfection, of "everything he did, he did 
well", that so many people have been at such pains to present. Here
the heroic picture of Allende changes to one of a vacillating,
contradictory man attempting to defend "the Chilean way to socialism"
but making the political mistakes that opened the door to the forces
of fascist repression in Chile, aided and abetted by U.S. interests,
both commercial and governmental.

"This is not to say that Salvador Allende was not a hero. No one 
doubts that. No Chilean is unaware that Allende went down fighting,
without any hope of survival unless he surrendered. And he did not
surrender. Heroes die like that, and that is how he died. And that
is how many thousands of his fellow Chileans also died, hopelessly
defending a democracy crushed by the tanks, armored cars, fighter
planes, and machine guns of the rebel soldiers. Allende once said:
"Let them know this, let them hear this very clearly, let it make
a deep impression on them: I will defend this Chilean revolution and
I will defend the Popular government. This people have given me this
mandate; I have no alternative. Only by riddling me with bullets will
they be able to end our will to accomplish the people's programa".
So they riddled him with bullets. A few hours before his death, as
the rebel attack was under way, he broadcast a speech to his
countrymen: "Thus the first page of this story has been written. My
people and the people of the Americas will write the rest."

This is the Allende you will find in this book. And you will read
how the common people, the victims of the coup, were denied the
opportunity to organize for their own protection. In sum, while
this book is a denunciation of Allende's assassins, the generals and
admirals in Santiago, Chile, and in Washington, it is also a
denunciation of the tragic and vacillating conduct of those who
called themselves leaders of the people, but left their people
defenseless against the fascist-imperialist attack...

...The Chilean people paid for this mistake with more than 15,000
dead, more than 30,000 prisoners, more than 100,000 brutally 
tortured, more than 200,000 dismissed for political reasons, and
more than 30,000 students expelled from the university by the
military...The Chilean military unleashed their reign of terror
against the Chilean people in order to protect the interests of
the great North American consortia (Anaconda, Kennecott, ITT, et al),
as well as the strategic interests of the military-industrial 
complex in Washington...R.R.(1975)"

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