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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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                Qatar Monetary Agency
                Washington Post: Qatar       CIA:  Qatar
   Newspapers:  Gulf Times

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               Washington Post: Reunion      CIA:  Reunion
  Newspapers:  Le Journal de l'Ile

               National Bank of Romania
               Washington Post: Romania      CIA:  Romania
  Newspapers:  Academica Catavencu  Cronica Româna  Romania Liberii
               Romania Literara

                        Russian Federation
               Official statistics
               Central Bank of Russia
               Washington Post: Russia       CIA:  Russia
               Russian Business Surveys Bulletin. Industry (May 1999)
  Newspapers:  Argumenti i Fakti  Commersant  Izvestia  Molodost Siberi
               Moscow Times  Pravda  St. Petersburg Times 

               Washington Post: Rwanda       CIA:  Rwanda

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                              Saint Helena
                             CIA:  Saint Helena

                              Saint Kitts & Nevis
              Washington Post: Saint Kitts and Nevis
                          CIA: Saint Kitts and Nevis
  Newspapers: The Democrat

                              Saint Lucia
              Washington Post: Saint Lucia
                          CIA: Saint Lucia
  Newspapers: St. Lucia Mirror

                             Saint Pierre and Miquelon
                          CIA:  Saint Pierre and Miquelon

                        Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
              Washington Post: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
                          CIA: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  Newspapers: The Herald

                        San Marino
               Istituto di Credito [San Marino]
               Washington Post: San Marino   CIA:  San Marino
  Newspapers:  SI - San Marino Italia

                              Sao Tome and Principe
            Washington Post: Sao Tome and Principe
                        CIA: Sao Tome and Principe

                        Saudi Arabia
               Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
               Washington Post: Saudi Arabia
                           CIA: Saudi Arabia
  Newspapers:  Al-Jazirah

               Official statistics

               Washington Post: Senegal  CIA:  Senegal
   Newspapers: Le Soleil-L'Aurore

                              Serbia and Montenegro(Yugoslavia)
               Official statistics
               Washington Post: Serbia and Montenegro
                           CIA: Serbia and Montenegro
    Newspapers:  Politika

               Washington Post: Seychelles
                           CIA: Seychelles

                              Sierra Leone
               Washington Post: Sierra Leone
                           CIA: Sierra Leone

               Official statistics 
               Monetary Authority of Singapore
               Washington Post: Singapore   CIA:  Singapore
  Newspapers:  Asia Business News  Business Times  The New Paper
               Shipping Times

               National Bank of Slovakia
               Washington Post: Slovakia    CIA:  Slovakia
  Newspapers:  Slovenska Republika

               Official statistics 
               Bank of Slovenia
               Washington Post: Slovenia    CIA:  Slovenia
  Newspapers:  Republika

                              Solomon Islands
                Washington Post: Solomon Islands
                            CIA: Solomon Islands

                Washington Post: Somalia
                            CIA: Somalia

                        South Africa
                Official statistics 
                The South African Reserve Bank
                Washington Post: South Africa   CIA:  South Africa
                South African Yearbook 1995
                Address by Fidel Castro to the South African Parliament
   Newspapers:  The Asian  Business Times  Financial Mail 
                Independent Newspapers  The Mail & Guardian  

               South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
                CIA:  South Georgia and the South Sandwich

               Official statistics
               Banco de España
               Washington Post: Spain         CIA:  Spain
  Newspapers:  ABC  Diario16/Galicia  The Entertainer 
               Gaceta de los Negocios  El País
               El Periódico de Catalunya  La Semana que vivimos
               Sur in English  La Vanguardia  La Voz
               Tenerife News

                             Spratly Islands
                             CIA:  Spratly Islands

                        Sri Lanka
               Central Bank of Sri Lanka
               Washington Post: Sri Lanka    CIA:  Sri Lanka
  Newspapers:  Daily News  Midweek Mirror

               Washington Post: Sudan         CIA:  Sudan
  Newspapers:  Home News

               Washington Post: Suriname      CIA:  Suriname

                              CIA: Svalbard

               Washington Post: Swaziland     CIA:  Swaziland
  Newspapers:  The Times of Swaziland

               Official statistics
               Sveriges Riksbank
               Washington Post: Sweden         CIA: Sweden
  Newspapers:  Expressen  Svenska Dagbladet

               Official statistics
               Schweizerische Nationalbank
               Washington Post: Switzerland    CIA: Switzerland
  Newspapers:  L'Express  Giornale del Popolo  Journal de Genève
               La Liberté  Le Matin  Zurichsee Zeitung

               Washington Post: Syria          CIA: Syria

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              Washington Post: Tajikistan      CIA: Tajikistan

               Bank of Tanzania
               Washington Post: Tanzania       CIA: Tanzania
  Newspapers:  Express Rai Gazeti la kila wiki

               Official statistics 
               Bank of Thailand 
               Washington Post: Thailand       CIA: Thailand
  Newspapers:  Bangkok Post  Business Day  Financial Day 
               The Nation

               Washington Post: Togo           CIA: Togo

                          CIA:  Tokelau

               Washington Post: Tonga          CIA: Tonga
  Newspapers:  Tonga Chronicle

                              Trinidad and Tobago
                Washington Post: Trinidad and Tobago
                            CIA: Trinidad and Tobago
  Newspapers:   Independent

                              Tromelin Island
                             CIA: Tromelin Island

               Banque centrale de Tunisie
               Tunisia in the Fund
               Washington Post: Tunisia     CIA: Tunisia
  Newspapers:  La Presse 

               Official statistics 
               Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi
               Washington Post: Turkey      CIA: Turkey
  Newspapers:  Turkish Daily News

               State Central Bank of Turkmenistan
               Washington Post: Turkmenistan     CIA: Turkmenistan

                              Turks and Caicos Islands
               Washington Post: Turks and Caicos Islands
                           CIA: Turks and Caicos Islands

               Washington Post: Tuvalu
                           CIA: Tuvalu

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           Uganda Privatization Home Page
              Washington Post: Uganda       CIA:  Uganda
  Newspapers: The Monitor  New Vision

               Washington Post: Ukraine     CIA:  Ukraine
  Newspapers:  New Day

                        United Arab Emirates
               Washington Post: United Arab Emirates
                           CIA: United Arab Emirates
  Newspapers:  Gulf News  Khaleej Times
                        United Kingdom
	       Official statistics 
               Bank of England  
               U.K Government Information Service
               Institute for Fiscal Studies
               The British Library
               Washington Post: United Kingdom
                           CIA: United Kingdom
  Newspapers: Daily Mail  Daily Mirror  The Daily Telegraph
               Express Newspapers Research Department  Financial Times
               The Guardian  Guardian Group  The Independent Irish Post
               The Observer  Socialist Worker  The Star
               The Sunday Mirror  Sunday People  The Sunday Times
               The Times
               Journalism UK  New Scientist  The Economist 
               The New Internationalist  BBC World Service 

              BBC World News
 Americas  Asia-Pacific
 Europe  S/W
                               Servicio Latinoamericano de la BBC

                        United States
                              Kenneth Starr's Rep. to the U.S. Congress
                              The White House Rebuttal
George Washington University: The National Security Archive
                         CIA: United States
World Bank: Clasification of economies by income, 1997-1998
            The United States and its Friendly Dictators
            Joseph Kennedy on The School of the Americas
            Washington Post: United States
R.A.Pastor: U.S. foreign policy: the Caribbean Basin 
            A brief look at postwar U.S. income inequality 
            Briefing on 1995 U.S. income, poverty and health insurance
U.S. Bureau of the Census
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Bureau of Economic Analysis
US Bureau of Justice Statistics
US Bureau of Transportation Statistics
US Energy Information Administration
US National Center for Health Statistics
US National Center for Education Statistics
United States Trade
The Library of Congress (U.S.A.).-Homepage
The Library of Congress (U.S.A.).-Catalog
United States Information Agency (USIA)
3.- Central Intelligency Agency
     3.1.-   Studies in intelligence
     3.2.-   Center for the study of intelligence
     3.3.-   World Factbook
     3.4.-   Handbook of International Economic Statistics
U.S. Government: Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade 
            WHA: United States
      M. Hunter:Bay of Pigs Invasion Homepage
                The Central Intelligence Agency: its crimes.

Central banks:
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Washington) 
Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

  Newspapers:  Christian Science Monitor Chicago Tribune
               Diarios Las Americas  Financial Times, US edition
               Korea Times, US Edition  Miami Herald  Los Angeles Times
               Sing Tao, US Edition  USA Today Wall Street Journal
               Washington Post  New York Times  Navy Times
               Navy Times, Marine Corps Edition Industry Net Report 

               Washington Post: Uruguay   CIA: Uruguay
  Newspapers:  Brecha  Crónicas Económicas  El Observador  El País 

               Washington Post: Uzbekistan   CIA: Uzbekistan

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               Washington Post: Vanuatu
                           CIA: Vanuatu

               Banco Central de Venezuela
               Washington Post: Venezuela       CIA:  Venezuela
  Newspapers:  2001  Diario de Noticias  El Hatillano  Meridiano 
               El Nacional  El Universal  Venezuela Week

               The National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
               Lyndon Johnson on invading Vietnam (April 1965)
               The new characteristics of the war (November 1965)
               The Vietnam War
               The Vietnam War History Page
               Vietnam Information
               State Bank of Vietnam
               Vietnamese Economic Network
               Washington Post: Vietnam         CIA: Vietnam
  Newspapers:  The Saigon Times Daily

                              Virgin Islands (U.S.)
               Washington Post: Virgin Islands
                           CIA: Virgin Islands
  Newspapers:  Virgin Islands Business Journal

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                              Wake Island
                             CIA: Wake Island

                              Wallis and Futuna
                             CIA: Wallis and Futuna

                              West Bank and Gaza Strip
               Washington Post: West Bank and Gaza Strip
                             CIA: West Bank

                              Western Sahara
               Washington Post: Western Sahara
                             CIA: Western Sahara

                        Western Samoa
               Central Bank of Western Samoa
               Washington Post: Western Samoa
                           CIA: Western Samoa

                           CIA: World

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               Washington Post: Yemen
                           CIA: Yemen
  Newspapers:  Yemen Times 


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              Bank of Zambia
              Washington Post: Zambia
                          CIA: Zambia
  Newspapers: Financial Mail  Zambia Daily Mail  Zambia Today

               Washington Post: Zimbabwe
                           CIA: Zimbabwe
F.Stewart/J.Klugman/A.H.Helmsing: Decentralization in Zimbabwe
  Newspapers:  Financial Gazette  Zimbabwe Independent