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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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            Afghanistan today              The Afghanistan Center
            Washington Post: Afghanistan   CIA: Afghanistan
            Afghanistan in the Fund

               Washington Post: Albania    CIA: Albania
  Newspapers:  Albanian Economic Tribune 

               Official statistics
               Washington Post: Algeria    CIA: Algeria
               Algeria in the Fund
 S. Saumon: From state capitalism to neo-liberalism in Algeria:
the case of a failing state

  Newspapers:  El Watan  La Liberté

                        American Samoa
                Washington Post: American Samoa   CIA: American Samoa

               Washington Post: Andorra           CIA: Andorra
  Newspapers:  Diari d'Andorra 

               Monetary Policy 
               Washington Post: Angola            CIA: Angola

               Washington Post: Anguilla          CIA: Anguilla
  Newspapers:  Anguilla Local News

               Washington Post: Antarctica        CIA: Antarctica

               Washington Post: Antigua           CIA: Antigua and Barbuda
                        Arctic Ocean
                                                  CIA: Arctic Ocean
               Official statistics
               Banco Central de la Republica Argentina 
               Washington Post: Argentina         CIA: Argentina
  Newspapers:  Brief  Buenos Aires Herald  Clarín  
               Diario Ambito Financiero  Diario El Dia  Diario Los Andes
               Diario Rio Negro  Hoy Diario  La Nación 
               La Nueva Provincia  Pagina/12  La Prensa de Norte  
               La Voz del Interior 

               Washington Post: Armenia           CIA: Armenia

               Washington Post: Aruba             CIA: Aruba
                              Ashmore and Cartier Islands     
                                          CIA: Ashmore and Cartier Islands

                              Atlantic Ocean
                                                  CIA: Atlantic Ocean

                     Official statistics
		     Reserve Bank of Australia
                     Washington Post: Australia   CIA: Australia
  Newspapers:  The Australian  Australian Financial Review
               Australian Observer  Daily Commercial News  
               Torch Publishing  Workers News Online  Canberra Times
               Catholic Voice  Daily Commercial News 
               Sydney Business Review  Sydney Morning Herald
               Sydney Star Observer  The Age  Dutch Courier
               New Australian  Aboriginal Independent  
               The West Australian 

               Official statistics 
               Oesterreichische Nationalbank
               Washington Post: Austria           CIA: Austria
  Newspapers:  Kleine Zeitung  Der Neue Grazer  Kleine Zeitung
               Die Presse  Salzburger Nachrichten  Der Standard 
               Wiener Zeitung


              Washington Post: Azerbaijan        CIA: Azerbaijan

               R.S.S.of the Azores -Official statistics

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               Washington Post: Bahamas           CIA:  The Bahamas

               Bahrain Monetary Agency
               Washington Post: Bahrain           CIA:  Bahrain
  Newspapers:  Gulf Daily News

                              Baker Island
                                                  CIA:  Baker Island

              Washington Post: Bangladesh         CIA:  Bangladesh
  Newspapers:  The Daily Star  Dhaka Courier  

               Central Bank of Barbados 
               Washington Post: Barbados          CIA:  Barbados
  Newspapers:  The Nation

                                                  CIA:  Bassas da India

               Washington Post: Belarus           CIA:  Belarus
  Newspapers:  Minsk Economic News

               Washington Post: Belgium           CIA:  Belgium
  Newspapers:  Echo de la Bourse De Financieel Economische Tijd 
               Le Soir  Groupe Vers l'Avenir

               Washington Post: Belize            CIA:  Belize
  Newspapers:  Belize Times

               Washington Post: Benin             CIA:  Benin
  Newspapers:  La Nation

               Bermuda Monetary Authority
               Washington Post: Bermuda           CIA:  Bermuda
  Newspapers:  Bermuda Sun  The Royal Gazette 

               Washington Post: Bhutan            CIA:  Bhutan
  Newspapers:  Kuensel

               Official statistics 
               Banco Central de Bolivia
               Washington Post: Bolivia           CIA:  Bolivia
  Newspapers:  The Bolivian Times  El Diario  La Estrella 
               Nueva Economia 

                              Bosnia and Herzegovina
               Washington Post: Bosnia and Herzegovina
                           CIA: Bosnia and Herzegovina

               Washington Post: Botswana           CIA:  Botswana

                              Bouvet Island
                            CIA: Bouvet Island

                     Official statistics 
                     Banco Central do Brasil
                     Washington Post: Brazil       CIA:  Brazil

            R.Rojas: Notes on the Brazilian miracle
                     Boletin de Integracao Latino-Americana
  Newspapers:  Correio do Povo  O Dia  O Estado do Maranhão
               O Estado do Paraná  O Estado de São Paulo
               O Estado de Minas  Folha da Tarde  O Globo
               Jornal do Brasil  Jornal do Commercial
               Jornal Indústria e Comércio 

                             British Indian Ocean Territory 
                      CIA:  British Indian Ocean Territory

                             British Virgin Islands
               Washington Post: British Virgin Islands
                           CIA:  British Virgin Islands
  Newspapers:  The Island Sun

               Washington Post: Brunei            CIA:  Brunei
  Newspapers:  Borneo Bulletin

               Official statistics
               Washington Post: Bulgaria          CIA:  Bulgaria
  Newspapers:  Capital Weekly Daily Chronicle  Kontinent 

                             Burkina Faso
         Washington Post: Burkina Faso            CIA:  Burkina Faso

                             Burma (Myanmar)
         Central Bank of Burma
         Washington Post: Burma                   CIA:  Burma

         Washington Post: Burundi                 CIA:  Burundi

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Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)
Washington Post: Cape Verde               CIA:  Cape Verde
Banco de Cabo Verde

Cambodia (Kampuchea)
National Bank of Cambodia 
Washington Post: Cambodia (Kampuchea)     CIA:  Cambodia
Newspapers:  Cambodia Times

Washington Post: Cameroon                 CIA:  Cameroon
Newspapers:  Le Messager

Official statistics 
Bank of Canada
Washington Post: Canada                   CIA:  Canada
Newspapers:  Canadian Corporate Newsnet  Financial Post 

Cayman Islands
                                          CIA:  Cayman Islands

Central African Republic
Washington Post: Central African Republic 
            CIA: Central African Republic

Washington Post: Chad                      CIA:  Chad

Chile                                     CIA:  Chile

People's Republic of China            CIA:  China

China (Hong Kong)                       CIA:  Hong Kong

                              Taiwan (Republic of China)  
               Official Statistics
               Taiwan Security Research
               Central Bank of China
               Washington Post: Taiwan      CIA:  Taiwan
               Central News Agency On Line
  Newspapers:  China Times  Lianhe Wanbao  Min Sheng  
               Taiwan Economic Daily News  Taiwan Tribune

                             Christmas Island   
                                   CIA: Christmas Island

                             Clipperton Island
                                   CIA:  Clipperton Island

                             Cocos (Keeling) Islands
                                   CIA:  Cocos (Keeling) Islands

               Banco de la Republica
               Washington Post: Colombia   CIA:  Colombia
  Newspapers:  El Espectador  El Heraldo  El Mundo  El País  El Tiempo

               Washington Post: Comoros    CIA:  Comoros

                               Democratic Rep. of Congo (Zaire)
                Washington Post: Congo (Zaire)
                               CIA:  Congo, Democratic Republic of the
       Newspapers:  Le Soft  Mail & Guardian  The Independent

               Washington Post: Congo  CIA:  Congo, Republic of the

                               Cook Islands
                                       CIA:  Cook Islands

                               Coral Sea Islands
                                       CIA:  Coral Sea Islands

                         Costa Rica
               Banco Central de Costa Rica
               Washington Post: Costa Rica    CIA:  Costa Rica
   Newspapers:  La Nación  La Republica 

                              Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
               Washington Post: Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
                           CIA: Cote d'Ivoire
  Newspapers:  La Nouvelle Republique

               Official statistics 
               Croatian National Bank
               Washington Post: Croatia      CIA:  Croatia
  Newspapers:  Feral Tribune

            Banco Central de Cuba
President Fidel Castro's statement of welcome to Pope John Paul II
Address by Fidel Castro to the South African Parliament
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
 M. Hunter: Bay of Pigs Invasion Homepage
R.A.Pastor: U.S. foreign policy: the Caribbean Basin
Cuba in Transition (ASCE)
Castro Speech Data Base
            Washington Post: Cuba      CIA:  Cuba
Cuba: Exports 1990-1996
Cuba: Imports 1990-1996
  Newspapers:  Granma

               Official statistics
               Central Bank of Cyprus
               Washington Post: Cyprus    CIA:  Cyprus
  Newspapers:  Cyprus Mail
  Northern Cyprus
  Newspapers:  Daily News of North Cyprus

                        Czech Republic
               Official statistics 
               Ceska Narodni Banka
               Washington Post: Czech Republic  CIA:  Czech Republic
  Newspapers:  Prague Post

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                             Democratic Rep. of Congo (Zaire)

		  Official statistics 
                  Danmarks Nationalbank
                  Washington Post: Denmark     CIA:  Denmark
  Newspapers:  Børsen  Ekstra Bladet  Information  
               Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten  Politiken 

               Washington Post: Djibouti       CIA:  Djibouti

               Washington Post: Dominica       CIA:  Dominica
  Newspapers:  The New Chronicle  The Independent

                        Dominican Republic
                        Official statistics
                        Washington Post: Dominican Republic
                                    CIA: Dominican Republic
            Newspapers: DEDOM  Diario Resumen  Listin Diario  
                        Santo Domingo News

A Caribbean Islands History

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                              East Timor (Timor Leste)
United Nations Mission in East Timor
Amnesty International on East Timor and Indonesia
East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign
Oxfam on Timor Leste
Free East Timor. Indonesia out!

                Official statistics 
                Banco Central del Ecuador
                Washington Post: Ecuador      CIA:  Ecuador
   Newspapers:  El Comercio  Diario La Hora  Expreso  Hoy 
                El Telegrafo  El Universo

                 Washington Post: Egypt       CIA:  Egypt
   Newspapers:   Middle East Times

                        El Salvador
                Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador 
                Washington Post: El Salvador   CIA:  El Salvador
   Newspapers:  El Diario de Hoy  La Prensa Gráfica

                              Equatorial Guinea
                Washington Post: Equatorial Guinea
                            CIA: Equatorial Guinea

                Washington Post: Eritrea
                            CIA: Eritrea

                Official statistics 
                Eesti Pank
                Washington Post: Estonia    CIA: Estonia
   Newspapers:  The Baltic Independent  The Baltic Observer 

               Washington Post: Ethiopia    CIA: Ethiopia 
   Newspapers:  Addis Tribune

                             Europa Island
                                 CIA:  Europa Island
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                        Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
                Washington Post: Falkland Islands
                            CIA: Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
   Newspapers:  Financial Information & News   Teabefrry Express

                               Faroe Islands
                             CIA:  Faroe Islands
   Newspapers:  Sosialurin 

                Washington Post: Fiji       CIA:  Fiji

                Official statistics 
                Suomen Pankki
                Washington Post: Finland    CIA:  Finland
   Newspapers:  Aamulehti  Helsingin Sanomat  Jakobstads Tidning 
                Iltalehti  Ilta Sanomat  Kansan Uutiset  Kauppalehti 
                Keski Uusimaa  Kouvolan Sanomat  Laitilan Sanomat 
                Laukaa-Konnevesi  Talentum  Turun Sanomat  Vasabladet 

		  Official statistics 
                  Banque de France
                  Washington Post: France      CIA:  France
   Newspapers:  Le Figaro L'Humanité  International Herald Tribune 
                Le Monde  Le Monde Diplomatique  Libération 

                               French Guiana
                Washington Post: French Guiana
                            CIA: French Guiana

                               French Polynesia
                Washington Post: French Polynesia
                            CIA: French Polynesia

                               French Southern and Antarctic Lands
                            CIA: French Southern and Antarctic Lands

                               French West Indies
   Newspapers:  Le Journal de St. Barth

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               Washington Post: Gabon         CIA:  Gabon

                              Gambia, The
               Washington Post: The Gambia    CIA:  The Gambia

                              Gaza Strip and West Bank
               Washington Post: Gaza Strip and West Bank
                           CIA: Gaza Strip

               Washington Post: Georgia     CIA:  Georgia
  Newspapers:  Georgian Times 

		  Official Statistics 
                  Deutsche Bundesbank
                  Washington Post: Germany  CIA:  Germany
  Newspapers:  Berliner Zeitung  Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung
               Rheinische Post  Die Welt  Die Zeit

Washington Post: Ghana        CIA:  Ghana
Ghana in the Fund
Selected Social and Demographic Indicators
Framework Paper 1998-2000
Official Page
Republic of Ghana
Ghana Online
      ODI: Structural adjustment in Ghana
J. Pender: Structural adjustment in Ghana
Newspapers:  Ghanaian Times  Independent

                Washington Post: Gibraltar 
                            CIA: Gibraltar

                               Glorioso Islands
                            CIA: Glorioso Islands

               Official statistics 
               Bank of Greece  
               Washington Post: Greece       CIA:  Greece
  Newspapers:  The Athens News  New Europe

               Official statistics
               Washington Post: Greenland    CIA:  Greenland

               Washington Post: Grenada
                           CIA: Grenada
  Newspapers:  Grenadain Voice

              Washington Post: Guadeloupe
                          CIA: Guadeloupe

              Washington Post: Guam
                          CIA: Guam

              Banco de Guatemala
              Washington Post: Guatemala     CIA: Guatemala
  Newspapers: Guatemala Weekly  La Hora  Prensa Libre

                           CIA: Guernsey

              Washington Post: Guinea
                          CIA: Guinea

              Washington Post: Guinea-Bissau
                          CIA: Guinea-Bissau

              Washington Post: Guyana
                          CIA: Guyana 
Newspapers:  Guyana Chronicle
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               Washington Post: Haiti
                           CIA: Haiti
  Newspapers:  Haiti En Marche

                             Heard Island and McDonald Islands
                        CIA: Heard Island and McDonald Islands

                              The Holy See
               Washington Post: The Holy See
                           CIA: Holy See (Vatican City)

               Banco Central de Honduras 
               Washington Post: Honduras
                           CIA: Honduras
  Newspapers:  Honduras This Week  La Prensa  Tiempo

                        (Hong Kong) China 

                              Howland Island
                           CIA: Howland Island

               Official statistics
               National Bank of Hungary 
               Washington Post: Hungary
                           CIA: Hungary
  Newspapers:  Budapest Sun  Magyar Hirlap  

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