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Andre Gunder Frank

Publications Summary

  • The Underdevelopment of Development: Essays in Honor of Andre Gunder Frank by 17 contributors and edited by Sing Chew and Robert Denemark [Thousand Oaks/London: Sage Publications 1996], contains a bibliography of 880 publications in 27 languages by Frank between 1955 and 1995.
  • 36 BOOKS in 126 different editions and 150+ printings of 300,000+ copies in 12 languages
  • 160 CHAPTERS in 136 edited books/anthologies in 13 languages
  • 350+ ARTICLES published in 600 issues of 250+ periodicals in over 20 languages

The most recent publications are listed in the Publications 1996-2001 and Publications 2001-2003 and forthcoming sections.


English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Brazilian Russian, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Finnish, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Sinhalese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay.


Photocopy available on request of over 4,000 citations in journals, including an average of 200 per year in the 1976-80 and 1981-85 editions, and about 150 a year for the decade 1986-1995. Since then accessto the electronic version has made the count much greater but also more ambiguous. Journals' fields include: anthropology, communications, criminology, development, ecology, economics, education, ethnic studies, geography, health, history, humanities, international relations, law, nursing, peasant studies, planning, political science, psychology, sociology, tourism, urban studies, and area studies of Africa, Asia, China, Europe, India, and Latin America.



Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America
New York: Monthly Review Press 1967, revised ed. 1969,
London: Penguin Books 1971
40 printings of 120,000 copies also in

Latin America: Underdevelopment or Revolution
New York: Monthly Review Press 1969
20 printings also in French, Spanish,Italian, Swedish,Japanese

Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment of Sociology
Stockholm: Zenit 1969, London: Pluto 1971, Warner Reprint Series,
also in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Lumpenbourgeoisie: Lumpendevelopment
New York: Monthly Review Press 1972
20 printings also in Spanish editions in 8 countries, and in
French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese

On Capitalist Underdevelopment
Bombay: Oxford University Press 1975, various printings
also in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

World Accumulation 1492-1789
New York: Monthly Review Press
London: Macmillan Press 1978
also in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian editions

Dependent Accumulation and Underdevelopment
New York: Monthly Review Press
London: Macmillan Press 1978
also in French, Spanish, Portuguese,Brazilian,German, Japanese

Mexican Agriculture 1521-1630: Transformation of the Mode of Production
London: Cambridge University Press 1979
also two different editions in Spanish

Crisis: In the World Economy
New York: Holmes & Meier, London: Heinemann 1980
also in Spanish

Crisis: In the Third World
New York: Holmes & Meier, London: Heinemann 1981
also in Spanish

Reflections on the World Economic Crisis
New York: Monthly Review Press
London: Hutchinson 1981
also in French,Spanish,Italian,German,Portuguese,Brazilian,Japanese

Dynamics of Global Crisis
w/ S.Amin, G.Arrighi & I.Wallerstein
New York: Monthly Review Press
London: Macmillan Press 1982
also in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic

The European Challenge
Nottinghman, UK: Spokesman 1983
Westport,USA:Lawrence Hill 1984
also in German, Spanish, Greek

Critique and Anti-Critique
New York: Praeger, London: Macmillan 1984
also in French and Spanish

El Desafio de la Crisis
Madrid: IEPALA, Caracas: Nueva Sociedad 1988

Transforming the Revolution: Social Movements and the World-System
with S. Amin, G. Arrighi, & I. Wallerstein.
New York: Monthly Review Press 1990 [SM]

Wiederstand im Weltsystem: Kapitalistische Akkumulation, Staatliche Politik und Soziale Bewegung with Marta Fuentes.
Hannes Hofbauer und Andrea Komlosy, Herausgeber.
Wien: Promedia Verlag 1990

El Subdesarrollo del Desarrollo: Un Ensayo Autobiografico
Caracas: Editorial Nueva Sociedad 1991
Madrid: IEPALA Ediciones 1992

The Centrality of Central Asia
Amsterdam: VU University Press 1992

The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand?
Contributor/editor with B.K. Gills
London & New York: Routledge 1993, paperback 1996

ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age
Berkeley: University of California Press 1998

Asian Age: Reorient Historiography and Social Theory
[The Wertheim Lecture 1998]
Amsterdam: CASA-Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam 1998 [Pamphlet]


whose titles refer to topics including:

      anthropology, business management, colonialism,
      debt, democracy, dependence, development,
      economics, economic crisis, economic theory,
      history, international relations, international capital,
      land reform, macroeconomics, north-south,
      organization theory, peace research, perestroika,
      philosophy, political economy, political science,
      pre-capitalist world, scientifc research, socialism,
      sociology, technology, underdevelopment, unemployment,
      urbanization, war & peace, world systems analysis,

The books and their titles cover areas or countries including:
Africa, Asia, Canada, Central Asia, Chile, China, Cuba, Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Perian Gulf, Latin America, Third World, Ukraine, USA, Soviet Bloc, World

ALL PUBLICATIONS 1996-2001 and Forthcoming


ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age

3rd printing 2000
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998 [416 & xxix pp]

New Delhi: Sage India, 1998

Chinese Translation -
Beijing : Central Compilation and Translation Press 2000, 509 pp.

Tokyo: Fujiwara Shoten 2000

Hong Kong: Asia 2000 in Fantizi [Unreformed] Chinese characters

Seoul: forthcoming

Dependent Accumulation and Underdevelopment
Chinese Translation -
Beijing: Humanities and Society Series 2000, 263 pp.


Asian Age: Reorient Historiography and Social Theory
[The Wertheim Lecture 1998]
Amsterdam:CASA-Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam 1998


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  • The Five Thousand Year World System: An Interdisciplinary Introduction The Historical Evolution of International Political Economy, Edited by Christopher Chase-Dunn London: Edward Elgar, 1996.
  • The Thirdworldization of Russia and Eastern Europe The Aftermath of "Real Existing Socialism" - East Europe Between Western Europe and East Asia, Edited by Jaques Hersch & Johannes Schmid, London:Macmillan 1996.
  • Foreword [to] The State of Terror by Annemarie Oliveiro, Albany:State University of New York Press,1998: ix-xv.
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  • Asia Comes Full Circle - with China as the 'Middle Kingdom'
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    Festschrift for Immanuel Wallerstein
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  • Caspian Sea Oil: Still the 'Great Game'
    Edited by Michael P. Croissant and Bulent Aras. Journal of Arab Studies, forthcoming
  • Review of THE GREAT WAVE by David Hackett Fischer
    Journal of World History, forthcoming
  • Review of THE GREAT DIVERGENCE by Kenneth Pomeranz
    Journal of Asian Studies 60.1, February 2001


  • 'Reorient': Rethinking Social theory and World History Lecture at the Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, Berkeley, October 14, 1999
  • Discussant "The West and the Rest' at Conference on "The Origins of the modern World: Comparative Perspectives from the Edge of the Millennium," University of California, Davis, October 15-17, 1999
  • PhD Committee Member at the Public Defense of his Dissertation "Born with a Silver Soon: China, American Silver and Global Markets during the Early Modern Period" by Arturo Giraldez at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands November 14, 1999
  • Panel Member in Session on "Global Transformations" at the Conference "At the Edge: Towards a 21st Century Internationalism" at the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam, Nov. 16-18,1999
  • 2 Lectures on ReORIENT and a public Debate on War in Kosovo at the Koc University, Istanbul December 16-21, 1999
  • Lecture on ReORIENT at Sabanaci University, Istanbul, December 18, 1999
  • Lecure on ReORIENT at Bosporus University, Istanbul December 20, 1999
  • "The Caribbean in World History" paper presented at the XXII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Miami March 16-18, 2000
  • Lectures and Class Participation in Departments of History, Sociology, Anthropology and Economics, San Diego State University April 17-21, 2000
  • Lecture on "ReOrient History and Social Theory" University of California at San Diego, April 24, 2000
  • Conference on Globalization in Haikou, Hainan Dao, China, May 18-21, 2000
  • Lectures on ReORIENT and Consultation at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing China May 22-27, 2000
  • Keynote Address at the Australian Asian Studies Association, Melbourne July 3-5, 2000
  • Seminar Participation at Australian Association of South Asian Studies, Melbourne July 6-8, 2000
  • Invitation to Conference on "Economy, Society and Culture during the Period of Transition 1400-2000, Tianjin China, July 28- Aug 2, 2000 [unable to attend]
  • Invitation of Conference on Third World Studies, Beijing, China August 28-31, 2000 [unable to attend]
  • World Futures Society Conference on "Humanity 3000", Seattle August 21-26, 2000
  • Riga: Riga University & Stockholm School of Economics at Riga - Lectures October 2000
  • Aarhus, Denmark: University Lecture on ReOrient October 2000
  • Chicago: International Studies Association, panel chair, paper, & discussant, Feb. 20-24, 2001
  • Calcutta: Paper & Participation in two Conferences on Historiography March 19-22, 2001 [unable to attend]
  • Calabria: One week course at the Univeersity, May 2001
  • Tokyo: United Nations University Conference on "Dialogue Among Civilizations" July 2001
  • Boston: Dissertation Committee Member [with Pat Manning and Noam Chomsky] at history PhD dissertation defense by Jeffrey Sommers at Northeastern University, July 10, 2001
  • Caracas: Parlatino Conference on "La Deuda Social", July 10-14, 2001
  • Chicago: Social Science History Association, October 2001



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( Selections

ReOrient the 19th Century [chronologically arranged] Location, Location, Location [ topically arranged] [incomplete first drafts of an intended sequel to my book ReOrient 2001]. and

Toward Humano- and Eco-Centrism 2002.

U.S. Economic Overstretch and Military/Political Imperial Blowback? [2001].

On Kofi Annan and the Nobel Peace Prize [2001].

The United Nations and International Law [2001].

The Tragedy of September 11: CUI BONO? [2001].

World System History and the World after September 11 [2002].

No Civilization: Multilateral and Entropic Paradigms for the World Today and Tomorrow [2002].

Blowback and Fallout: Indo-Pak War and the U.S. Policy of Provocation [2002].

Doublespeak: The White Man's Civilizing Mission Burden Once Again [2002].

Paper Tiger, Fiery Dragon [2003].

Table of Contents
Personal and Professional
Honors and Memberships
Research Interests
Publications Summary
Recent Publications
ReOrient: Global Economy in the Asian Age
Essays on NATO and Kosovo, 1999 On-line Essays