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World Development Report  2000/1
Attacking Poverty

Consultation Draft, January 2000
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Download the full text of the January 2000 Consultation Draft by individual chapters below. (PDF files  - to read you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. )

Table of Contents and Summary (85 kb PDF file)

Summary French Version (103 kb PDF File)

Summary Spanish Version (88 kb PDF File)

Part I: A Framework 

Chapter 1. The Nature and Evolution of Poverty (242 kb PDF file)

Chapter 2. The Causes of Poverty and a Framework for  Action (181 kb PDF file)

Part II: Empowerment 

Chapter 3. Making State Institutions Pro-Poor (238 kb PDF file)

Chapter 4. Building Social Institutions and Removing Social Barriers (207 kb PDF file)

Part III: Security 

Chapter 5. Protecting the Poor (227 kb PDF file)

Chapter 6. Managing National Shocks: Economic Crises and Natural Disasters (345 kb PDF file)

Part IV: Opportunity 

Chapter 7. Building Up Assets (254 kb PDF file)

Chapter 8. Making Markets Work for the Poor (145 kb PDF file)

Part V: International Dimensions 

Chapter 9. International Public Goods (126 kb PDF file)

Chapter 10. Development Assistance (155 kb PDF file)