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Poverty Reduction and the World Bank: Progress in Fiscal 1998


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Complete publication (1,472K)

Table of Contents, Foreword, Acknowledgments, and Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1. Poverty Reduction in Fiscal 1998: Strategy and Implementation

    Progress in Poverty Reduction
    The World Bank's Contribution to Poverty Reduction
    The World Bank's Poverty Reduction Strategy
    Formulating Strategies and Placing Poverty Reduction at the Center of Assistance Strategies
    Focusing on Poverty Outcomes
    Moving the Frontier and Disseminating the Knowledge

2. Focusing Assistance Strategies on Poverty: Facing Crises

    Impact of Crises and Policy Responses on the Poor
    Bank Assistance to Countries in Crisis

3. Monitoring Poverty Outcomes: Integrating Different Methods in Poverty Assessments

    Different Methodological Approaches
    Recent Experience with Different Approaches to Poverty Analysis
    Challenges for the Future

4. Rethinking Poverty Reduction: World Development Report 2000/01 on Poverty and Development

    Context: Moving the Frontier of Knowledge
    Content: Challenges and Opportunities
    Process: Consulting Broadly with Stakeholders Around the World

Annex A: Summaries of Completed Poverty Assessments, Fiscal 1998





Annex B: Poverty Assessments, Completed and Scheduled, Fiscal 1989-2001

Annex C: Poverty Assessments Completed, Fiscal 1989-98

Annex D: Program of Targeted Interventions Fiscal 1998

Annex E: Poverty-Focused SALs and SECALs, Fiscal 1998

Annex F: Poverty-Focused ERLs, Fiscal 1998

Annex G: Annual Lending to Selected Sectors, Fiscal 1998



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