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The political economy of development
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Globalization and Liberalization: Effects of International Economic Relations on Poverty - UNCTAD - 1996

Contents of the book

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Conclusions and recommendations

    Part I: Poverty-related elements of globalization and liberalization
  4. Effects of globalization and liberalization on poverty: concepts and issues
    David Woodward
  5. Globalization and liberalization: an opportunity to reduce poverty
    Ishrat Husain
  6. Trade and the Uruguay Round: some misconceptions dispelled
    Zdenek Drabek
  7. Global financial integration and related domestic liberalization policies
    Peter S. Heller
  8. Implications of macroeconomic policies for equity and poverty
    Rolph van der Hoeven
  9. Domestic liberalization policies and public finance: poverty implications
    Santosh Mehrotra
  10. Safety nets and compensatory measures
    Carol Graham

    Part II: Regional and national experiences: lessons from diversity
  11. Globalization and liberalization in East and South East Asia: implications for growth, inequality and poverty
    Rajah Rasiah
  12. The importance of foreign direct investment for exports, economic growth and poverty reduction in China
    Padma Mallampally
  13. What prospects does India have of benefitting from globalization?
    Sumit Roy

    Latin America
  14. Globalization and liberalization in Latin America: implications for growth, inequality and poverty
    André Urani
  15. Mexico's financial crisis and its effects on income distribution and poverty
    Eugenia Correa

    Sub-Saharan Africa
  16. Globalization and liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa: implications for growth and poverty Paul Mosley
  17. Is the Asian NIEs approach relevant for Sub-Saharan Africa?
    Fantu Cheru
  18. Annexes
    Background paper for the seminar
    List of participants

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