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Global Development Finance 2004
Harnessing Cyclical Gains for Development
Private Capital Flows Return to a Few Developing Countries As Aid Flows To Poorest Rise Only Slightly

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2003— Net private capital flows to developing countries as a whole rebounded to $200 billion in 2003, up from $155 billion in 2002, but most of the increase is concentrated in just a few relatively better-off countries, while official development assistance to poor nations increased only marginally, says the annual World Bank report, Global Development Finance 2004. “The rebound in capital flows to some of the larger countries is encouraging, and reflects an improving global economic picture,” said François Bourguignon, the World Bank’s Chief Economist. “But we are concerned about official aid flows, which are of critical importance to the poorest countries. They have increased only slightly, and last year remained well below the levels required to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),”

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Global Development Finance 2004
Complete Report as One File (1.8MB PDF)
Summary Tables (25K PDF)
Table of Contents & Overview (55K PDF)
Ch. 1: The Global Upturn and the Need for Adjustment (185K PDF)
Ch. 2: Private Debt Finance for Developing Countries (290K PDF)
Ch. 3: Shifting Forms of Equity Finance for Developing Countries (235K PDF)
Ch. 4: The Changing Landscape for Official Flows (395K PDF)
Ch. 5: Financing Developing Countries' Trade (175K PDF)
Ch. 6: The Challenge of Financing Infrastructure in Developing Countries (175K PDF)
Appendix A: Appendix A: Enhancing the Developmental Effect of Workers’ Remittances to Developing Countries (75K PDF)
Appendix B: Summary Statistical Tables (235K PDF)

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