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From The World Bank Group

Publications 1994 - 2004 - On Environmental Valuation

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Title Date Topic
A Review of the Valuation of Environmental Costs and Benefits in World Bank Projects 2003/12 Environmental Valuation
Analysis of the Benefits of Watershed Protection and Related Forestry Development in Croatia (317KB PDF) 1996 Environmental Valuation
Asessing the Economic Value of Ecosytem Conservation, 2004 Environmental Valuation
Cost of Environmental Degradation: The Case of Lebanon and Tunisia 2004 Environmental Valuation
Economic Analysis of Conservation of the Historic Center of Split (71KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation
Economic Analysis of Indonesian Coral Reefs (815KB PDF) 1996/12 Environmental Valuation
Economic Analysis of Investments in Cultural Heritage: Insights from Environmental Economics (139KB PDF) 1996/06 Environmental Valuation
Economic Perspectives on Nature Tourism 1997 Environmental Valuation
Economic Valuation of Health Impacts (69KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation
Environmental and Natural Resource Degradation in Intensive Agriculture in Bangladesh 1995 Environmental Valuation
Environmental Assessment Sourcebook Update No. 23: Economic Analysis and Environmental Assessment 1998/04 Environmental Valuation
Estimating Economic Rents from Tourism in Jordan (96KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation
Estimating the Health Effects of Air Pollutants: A Method with an Application to Jakarta 1994 Environmental Valuation
Estimating the Health Impact of Air Pollution: Methodology and an Application to Jakarta (18KB PDF) 1994 Environmental Valuation
Handbook on Economic Analysis of Investment Operations 1996 Environmental Valuation
The Benefits and Costs of Establishing a National Park in Madagascar (90KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation
The Costs and Benefits of Soil Conservation: The Farmers' Viewpoint 1994 Environmental Valuation
Tourism and the Environment in the Caribbean 2001 Environmental Valuation
Valuing Forests: A Review of Methods and Applications in Developing Countries (210KB PDF) 1999 Environmental Valuation
Valuing the Benefits from Conservation of the Fes Medina (97KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation
Valuing the Invaluable: Approaches and Applications (94KB PDF) 1998 Environmental Valuation