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Andre Gunder Frank: on-line essays and other archives
Journal of World-Systems Research ( 1995 - 2008)
Volume VI, Number 1 - Spring 2000
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Masthead i

Eric H. Cline “Contested Peripheries” in World Systems Theory: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley as a Test Case* 8

Peter Wilkin Solidarity in a Global Age–Seattle and Beyond


Darrell La Lone Rise, Fall, and Semiperipheral Development in the Andean World-System 68

Aonghas St-Hilaire Global Incorporation and Cultural Survival: The Surinamese Maroons at the Margins of the World-System 102



Jason W. Moore
Marx and the Historical Ecology of Capital Accumulation on a World Scale: A Comment on Alf Hornborg's "Ecosystems and World Systems: Accumulation as an Ecological Process."

Book Review


William G. Martin (Editor), Michael O. West (Editor)
Out of One, Many Africas: Reconstructing the Study and Meaning of Africa
Reviewed By Cynthia M. Hewitt

Notes on Authors 148
Volume VI, Number 2, Part I - Summer/Fall 2000

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Part I Commemorative Homepage

Front Material (Cover, Table of Contents, Masthead, Preface) (435k) i

Walter L. Goldfrank Paradigm Regained? The Rules Of Wallerstein’s World-System Method (332k)



Albert J. Bergesen The Columbia Social Essayists (190k) 198

Andre Gunder Frank Immanuel and Me With-Out Hyphen (216k) 216

William G. Martin Still Partners and Still Dissident After All These Years? Wallerstein, World Revolutions and the World-Systems Perspective (288k) 234

Göran Therborn Time, Space, and Their Knowledge: The Times and Place of the World and Other Systems (215k) 266


Anna Davin Flight to the Centre: Winnie Gonley, 1930s Colonial Cosmopolita (215k) 286

Michael Hechter Nationalism and Rationality (236k) 308

Ramkrishna Mukherjee Caste in Itself, Caste and Class, or Caste in Class (141k) 332

Aníbal Quijano Colonialidad del Poder y Clasifi cacion Social (366k) 342

B. Verhaegen Wallerstein: L’Afrique et le monde: une vision provocante au carrefour de l’histoire et de la sociologie (145k) 388


Amiya Kumar Bagchi The Past and the Future of the Developmental State (319k) 398

Silviu Brucan The Hard-Earned Integration of the East in the World Economic System (159k) 444

Theotônio dos Santos World Economic System: On the Genesis of a Concept (217k) 456

Harriet Friedmann What on Earth is the Modern World-System? Foodgetting and Territory in the Modern Era and Beyond (294k) 480

Henryk Samsonowicz The Rise and Fall of ‘ The World of Economy’: Eastern Europe in 9th–12th Centuries (141k) 518

Nicoletta Stame Household and Small Business Across the Disciplines (181k) 526

Peter J. Taylor Havens and Cages: Reinventing States and Households in the Modern World-System (205k) 544

Volume VI, Number 3, Part II - Fall/Winter 2000

View the entire issue in a single PDF file. (4.2MB)
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Front Material (Cover, Table of Contents, Masthead, Preface) (360k) i


Anouar Abdel-Malek The Civilizational Orientation in the Making of the New World (144k) 565

Samir Amin Economic Globalism and Political Universalism: Conflicting Issues? (276k) 582

Orlando Fals Borda Peoples’ SpaceTimes in Global Processes: The Response of the Local (156k) 624

Jonathan Friedman Globalization, Class and Culture in Global Systems (208k) 636

Pablo González Casanova Viaje alrededor del sistema-mundo (112k) 658

Philip McMichael World-Systems Analysis, Globalization, and Incorporated Comparison (208k) 668

Daniel Singer The "Third Way" and a New Left (148k) 692

Teivo Teivainen Towards a Democratic Theory of the World-System: Democracy, Territoriality, and Transnationalization (212k) 706

Claudia von Werlhof "Globalization" and the "Permanent" Process of "Primitive Accumulation": The Example of the MAI, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (220k) 728


Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas Rethinking Current Social Sciences: The Case of Historical Discourses in the History of Modernity (192k) 750

Su-Hoon Lee The Rise of East Asia and East Asian Social Science’s Quest for Self-Identity (164k) 768

Richard E. Lee The Structures of Knowledge and the Future of the Social Sciences: Two Postulates, Two Propositions and a Closing Remark (168k) 786

Roberto Briceńo-León
Heinz R. Sonntag
Social Science and Latin America: Promises to Keep (184k) 798

Orlando Lentini American Liberalism, One Worldism & World-Systems Analysis (168k) 812

Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch Histoire et intégration des communautés: le cas du Burkina-Faso (164k) 828

José María Tortosa La investigación para la paz y la perspectiva de los sistemas-mundo (208k) 842

Johan Galtung Local Authorities As Peace Factors/Actors/Workers (148k) 860

Ari Sitas Inqola Masondosondo! For a New Sociology of Civic Virtue (180k) 874

Ilya Prigogine The Networked Society (132k) 892

Alain Touraine A Method for Studying Social Actors (156k) 900

Pierre Dockčs Pouvoir, autorité et convention d’obéissance (284k) 920

Volumen 5, Number 1, Spring 1999

Volume V, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1999

Special Issue on Globalization
Edited by Susan Manning

Download the Entire Issue in One PDF File (4.2MB)


Masthead i
Susan Manning Introduction 137
Leslie Sklair Competing Conceptions of Globalization 143
Volker Bornschier The Civilizational Project and Its Discontents:Toward a Viable Global Market Society? 165
Christopher Chase-Dunn Globalization:A World-Systems Perspective 187
Giovanni Arrighi The Global Market 217
Gernot Köhler Global Keynesianism and Beyond 252
John Markoff Globalization and the Future of Democracy 276
John Urry Globalization and Citizenship 311
Ranveig Gissinger &
Nils Petter Gleditsch
Globalization and Conflict:Welfare, Distribution,and Political Unrest 327
Valentine M.Moghadam Gender and Globalization:Female Labor and Women ’s Mobilization 367
Jonathan Friedman Indigenous Struggles and the Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 391
Patrick Bond Global Economic Crisis:A View from South Africa 413

Notes on Authors 459

Volume V, Number 3, Fall/Winter 1999


Masthead i

Carol D. Miller RESEARCH NOTE: How Did Economic Development and Trade Affect Women's Share of the Labor Force in the 1980s? 463

Ina Berg The Southern Aegean System 475

Lothar Krempel and
Thomas Plümper
International Division of Labor and Global Economic Processes: An Analysis of the International Trade in Automobiles 487

David Wilkinson Power Polarity In The Far Eastern World System, 1025 BC--AD 1850: Narrative And 25-Year Interval Data 501

Dawid Venter A Global Perspective On Racial And Linguistic Integration In South African Christian Congregations 519

Book Reviews


Kees van der Pijl
Transnational Classes and International Relations
Reviewed by Robert A. Denemark

Volume 4, Number 1 (Winter 1998)

Special Issue: Global Labor Movements

Guest-Edited by Bradley Nash, Jr.

Editors' Introduction: Globalizing Solidarity: Praxis and the International Labor Movement Bradley Nash, Jr.


Volume 3, Number 3 (Fall 1997)

Special Issue: World-Systems and the Environment

Guest-Edited by Albert Bergesen and Laura Parisi

Editors' Introduction: Discovering the Environment Albert Bergesen and Laura Parisi

Volume 2, 1996

Editor's Introduction Christopher Chase-Dunn


  • Number 1 Daniel J. Whiteneck
    The Industrial Revolution and Birth of the Anti-Mercantilist Idea: Epistemic Communities and Global Leadership

Special Thematic Section: Praxis and the Future of the World-System

  • Number 2 W. Warren Wagar
    Toward a Praxis of World Integration
  • Number 2-a Salvatore J. Babones
    On the Devolution of State Power: Comment on Wagar's "Praxis"
  • Number 2-b Albert Bergesen
    Reflections on Wagar's World Party
  • Number 2-c Patrick Bond and Mzwanele Mayekiso
    Toward the Integration of Urban Social Movements at the World Scale: Dialogue with W. Warren Wagar's "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"
  • Number 2-d Terry Boswell
    Nationalism and World Governance: Comment on Warren Wagar's "Praxis"
  • Number 2-e Walter L. Goldfrank
    Praxis, Schmaxis: Commentary on Wagar
  • Number 2-f Val Moghadam
    Comments on Warren Wagar's "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"
  • Number 2-g Maria A. Pozas
    What Will an Integrated Socialist World Look Like? Brief Comments on Warren Wagar's Article: "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"
  • Number 2-h Robert J.S. Ross
    Agency and Enlightenment: Comment on W. Warren Wagar's "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"
  • Number 2-i Stephen K. Sanderson
    The Future of W. Warren Wagar
  • Number 2-j Richard Schauffler
    Comments on Wagar's "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"
  • Number 2-k David Schwartzman
    Comment on Wagar
  • Number 2-l Teivo Teivainen
    Universalism and Ambiguousness: Comments on Wagar's Praxis of World Integration
  • Number 2-m David Wilkinson
    Comment on Wagar's "Praxis"
  • Number 2-n W. Warren Wagar
    A Response

Special Thematic Section on Anthropology and World-Systems

  • Number 3 P. Nick Kardulias
    Introduction to the Thematic Section
  • Number 4 Thomas D. Hall
    Worls-Systems and Evolution: An Appraisal
  • Number 5 Mark T. Shutes
    Tailored Research: On Getting the Right Fit Between Macro-Level Theory and Micro-Level Data
  • Number 6 Peter N. Peregrine
    Legitimation Crises in Premodern Worlds
  • Number 7 Gary M. Feinman
    The Changing Structure of Macroregional Mesoamerica: With Focus on the Classic-Postclassic Transition in the Valley of Oaxaca
  • Number 8 Rani T. Alexander
    The Emerging World System and Colonial Yucutan: The Archaeology of Core-Periphery Integration, 1780-1847
  • Number 9 Lawrence A. Kuznar
    Periphery/Core Relations in the Inca Empire: Carrots and Sticks in an Andean World System
  • Number 10 Robert J. Jeske
    World Systems Theory, Core Periphery Interactions and Elite Economic Exchange in Mississippian Societies
  • Number 11 P. Nick Kardulias
    Multiple Levels in the Aegean Bronze Age World-System
  • Number 12 Ian Morris
    Negotiated Peripherality in Iron Age Greece
  • Number 13 Peter S. Wells
    Production within and beyond Imperial Boundaries: Goods, Exchange, and Power in Roman Europe
  • Number 14 Darrell La Lone
    Commentary on "Leadership, Production, and Exchange: An Evaluation of World-Systems Theory in a Global Context"

  • Number 15 Giovanni Arrighi
    The Rise of East Asia and the Withering Away of the Interstate System
  • Number 16 George A. Barnett and Joseph G.T. Salisbury
    Communication and Globalization: A longitudinal analysis of the International Telecommunications Network
  • Number 17 David Wilkinson
    World-economic theories and problems: Quigley vs. Wallerstein vs. Central Civilization

Book Reviews

  • Review 1 World Resources Institute
    World Resources 1994-95: A Guide to the Global Environment
    Reviewed by Brad Bullock
  • Review 2 Miguel E. Korzeniewicz, Gary Gereffi, and Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz
    Response to Dunaway and Clelland
  • Review 3 York W. Bradshaw and Michael Wallace
    Global Inequalities
    Reviewed by Robert J.S. Ross
  • Review 4 Sing C. Chew and Robert A. Denemark, eds.
    The Underdevelopment of Development: Essays in Honor of Andre Gunder Frank
    Reviewed by Stephen K. Sanderson
  • Review 5 Wilma Dunaway
    The First American Frontier: Transition to Capitalism in Southern Appalachia, 1700-1860
    Reviewed by Michael Timberlake


Volume 1, 1995

Editor's Introduction Christopher Chase-Dunn


  • Number 1 David Wilkinson
    From Mesopotamia through Carroll Quigley to Bill Clinton: World Historical Systems, the Civilizationist, and the President
  • Number 2 Myron J. Frankman
    Catching the Bus for Global Development: Gerschenkron Revisited 
  • Number 3 Stephen B. Bunker & Paul S Ciccantell
    Restructuring Markets, Reorganizing Nature: An Examination of Japanese Strategies for Access to Raw Materials
  • Number 4 Christoph Scherrer
    The Commitment to a Liberal World Market Order as a Hegemonic Practice: The Case of the USA

    Hegemonic Rivalry: Past and Future

  • Number 4.5 Christopher Chase-Dunn
    Introduction to the Thematic Section
  • Number 5 Volker Bornschier
    Hegemonic Decline, West European Unification and the Future Structure of the Core
  • Number 6 Christopher Chase-Dunn & Bruce Podobnik
    The Next War: World-System Cycles and Trends
  • Number 7 George Modelski
    From Leadership to Organization: The Evolution of Global Politics
  • Number 8 Walter L. Goldfrank
    Beyond Cycles of Hegemony: Economic, Social, and Military Factors
  • Number 9 Gerd Junne
    Global Cooperation or Rival Trade Blocks?
  • Number 10 Tieting Su
    Clashed of "Life Spaces" and Other Logics of Hegemonic Rivalry
  • Number 11 John Borrego
    Models of Integration and Development in the Pacific
  • Number 12 Albert Bergesen & Roberto Fernandez
    Who Has the Most Fortune 500 Firms: A Network Analysis of Global Economic Competition, 1956-1989
  • Number 13 Brigitte Schulz
    Germany, the United States and Future Inter-Core Conflict
  • Number 14 Erich Weede
    Future Hegemonic Rivalry between China and the West?
  • Number 15 Terry Boswell
    Hegemony and Bifurcation Points in World History
  • Number 16 Inactive
    There is currently no Number 16
  • Number 17 Jon Berquist
    The Shifting Frontier: The Achaemenid Empire's Treatment of Western Colonies
  • Number 18 Kurt Burch
    Invigorating World System Theory as Critical Theory: Exploring Philosophical Foundations and Postpositivist Contributions
  • Number 19 Immanuel Wallerstein
    The Modern World-System and Evolution
  • Number 20 Cornelis P. Terlouw
    Is the World-Systems Perspective Restricted to a Global Perspective? The Connection between Global and Regional Developments in Pre-Industrial France

Book Reviews

  • Review 1 W. Warren Wagar
    A Short History of the Future
    Reviewed by Terry Boswell
  • Review 2 Robert Perrucci
    Japanese Auto Transplants in the Heartland: Corporatism and Community
    Reviewed by Cal Dassbach
  • Review 3 Andre Gunder Frank & Barry K. Gills, eds.
    The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand?
    Reviewed by Thomas D. Hall
  • Review 4 Guillermo Algaze
    The Uruk World System: The Dynamics of Expansion of Early Mesopotamian Civilization
    Reviewed by Alexander H. Joffe
  • Review 5 Gary Gereffi & Miguel Korzeniewicz, eds.
    Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism
    Reviewed by Wilma A. Dunaway & Donald A. Clelland
  • Review 6 Giovanni Arrighi
    The Long Twentieth Century
    Reviewed by Immanuel Wallerstein