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About Dr. Róbinson Rojas Sandford:
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Teaching in Britain 1985-2002:
(Open University, University of East London, and other universities in the UK)
(undergraduate level)

(postgraduate level)


Teaching in Britain 2001- to date :
( University College London (Development Planning Unit), and other universities in the UK )
(postgraduate level)

  1. Theories and Perspectives on Environment and Development
  2. Local and Global with a focus on NGO education
  3. Development Administration: theory, method and practice
  4. Management and Planning for Development: International and National Dimensions
  5. The economics of urbanisation
  6. Urban Development and Economics



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BSc, MPhil, PhD

University teaching experience:

Chile, People's Republic of China, and Britain

Areas of expertise:

Chile, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Latin America, South-East and East Asia,
Strategies for Industrialization in Latin America and East Asia,
Development Economics,
Political Economy of Development
The World Economy and Globalization,
The role of the state in styles of development,
Dependency Theory,
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics,
Urban Economics and Development
Urbanization and Development
Urbanization and the world economy
Computer programming, and
Learning and Teaching Systems via Internet

Completed research:

  • The US military-industrial complex in the sixties:
    effects on US foreign policy. The case of Latin America.
  • The crisis of the Brazilian Catholic Church during the sixties. A new political role.
  • US transnationals and their involvement in the Brazilian economy up to the sixties. The coup d'etat in 1964.
  • Chilean industrialization 1940-1968: social and political transformation.
  • The role of U.S. capital in the Chilean manufacturing sector: 1950-1968.
  • Chilean copper industry and balance of payments: 1915-1972.
  • Modern social structure in Chile: a case of dependent capitalist development
  • Monopoly capital, domestic and foreign, in the Chilean economy.
  • The role of the Chilean army and the U.S. government in the coup d'etat against Allende in 1973
  • Distribution of income in urban and rural China: 1950-1974. The appearance of a private market. Political consequences.
  • Class stratification in rural China: 1956-1976: class polarization and the cultural revolution.
  • Class stratification in urban China 1960-1976: the emergence of a new ruling class (the communist elite).
  • The political economy of people's communes in China (1958 to 1978)
  • Bureaucratic Socialism: the case of China 1956-1977
  • Chile: the economic model of the dictatorship 1973-1990
  • Social blockages to development in Latin America, (Ph.D. dissertation)
  • Unemployment in China from 1978 to 1994: the making of redundant population to create an efficient economic system.
  • Natural Rate of Unemployment and distribution of income in industrialized and LD countries. Testing dependency theory 1.
  • Transnational corporations and LDC's utilization of domestic factors of production: the effects of globalization. Testing dependency theory 2.
  • The political economy of social exclusion in the European Union and the United States
  • Structural adjustment and sustainable development in Latin America
  • Unemployment and economic growth in China, 1980-1999. Testing dependency theory 3.
  • Logic programming in computers and the process of human learning
  • Structural adjustment in Chile
  • Poverty and unemployment in a globalized free-market. Testing dependency theory 4.
  • Agribusiness and globalization in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The process of globalization in post-bureaucratic socialist China. 1980-1998
  • Rural unemployment, urban underemployment and the Chinese capitalist model
  • The effects of monetarist policies in Latin America during the period 1975-1990
  • A globalized economy as a barrier to sustainable development
  • State, civil society and development in decolonized Africa     

Research in progress:

* The new style of development in Latin America: globalization and further dependency. The case of Chile 1974-1989 and 1990-2002

* The socio-economic effects of globalization as explained by dependency theory. It includes analysis of the relationship between market, states and international capital.

* Global Value Chains and World Cities Networks: the new geography of the world economy


Books published in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Spain and the United States by major publishing houses ( i.e. Harper and Row in the US). Scores of articles and papers in major magazines and newspapers in Latin America, Spain, Germany and the United States). Main subjects: China, and Latin America as outlined in the sections on research.

Visiting Examinations:

External Examiner at Birbeck College,University of London, for Development Economics.
Visiting Examiner at DPU, University College London, University of London, to the Board of Examiners in MSc Development and Planning.


BBC World Service ( China, South East Asia and Latin America)
Centre for Chinese Studies, LSBU
Globalization and Europeanisation Network in Education website. (

Member of the Advisory Board of the
Institute for Policy Research and Development

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