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The political economy of development
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United Nations   A/53/1

Annual Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization

[Original: English] [27 August 1998]


Chapter Paragraphs 
Introduction 1-16
I. Achieving peace and security 17-72
Prevention 25-55
Diplomacy 31-42
Preventive deployment 43-44
Disarmament 45-55
Peacekeeping 56-61
Sanctions 62-64
Post-conflict peace-building 65-69
Complementary strategies 70-72
II. Cooperating for development 73-121
Eradication of poverty 84-91
Social development 92-105
Sustainable development 106-109
Fostering investment and growth 110-113
Supporting good governance 114-121
III. Meeting humanitarian commitments 122-146
Coordinating humanitarian action 126-135
Delivering humanitarian services 136-141
Assisting refugees 142-146
IV. Engaging with globalization 147-168
The economic dimension 149-153
The environmental dimension 154-162
"Uncivil" society 163-168
V. Strengthening the international legal order 169-183
The human rights regime 171-175
The international tribunals 176-179
The International Criminal Court 180-183
VI. Managing change 184-226
Creating a culture of communication 185-193
Administration and management 194-201
Legal affairs 202-211
Project services 212-216
Accountability and oversight 217-226
VII. Conclusion 227-236

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