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one journalist begs to differ

OTTAWA, 17 April - Journalist of Los Angeles Times, Paul Watson, in the
interview given to Canadian TV network CBC denied assertions of the NATO
generals that Serbian army is massacring Albanians in Pristina.
"There is no evidence that Serbian army has committed massacres of ethnic
Albanians in Pristina", said Watson, who is currently reporting from
Kosmet together with a number of other foreign journalists. According to
Russian news agency Itar-Tas, Watson emphasized that his impressions d
differ from the version offered by NATO.Watson explained that he is
visiting the areas of Kosovo live on regular basis and that he has never
seen a body or any sign of a massacre or violence. It would be very 
difficult to hide any uncontrolled massaacres stated Watson, and added 
that there are no indications of such violence whatsoever. NATO has been
accusing the Serbian forces for the exodus of hundreds of thousands of 
Albanians from Kosovo, says Itar-Tas, adding that Belgrade always refused
such allegations, arguing that movement of population in the southern 
province of Serbia is caused by NATO bombing. Watson said that he could
not agree with the governments of NATO member-states which are trying to 
deny their responsibility for the exodus in Kosovo. It is unlikely that
such a large-scale exodus would have happened if not for NATO air 
strikes, said the Los Angeles Times journalist.

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