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more 'collateral' [non civilian? non?] damage


N.B.:  This morning, around 3 a.m. the Pancevo chemical complex that
produces artifical fertilisers received a direct hit by the NATO bombers.
Pancevo is about 15 miles away from the outskirts of Belgrade and has
about 100,000 inhabitants itself.  I talked on the phone with a friend 
who lives there.  He is an artist (Jagos Bulatovic) and has three
daughters (Gabriela, Daniela and Emanuela).  They put on gas-masks and 
for the first time during the bombing of Serbia the chemo-biological 
raid warning was issued.  Jagos reports that all in the area are scared to
death as the gasses coming out of the complex are highly poisonous.  
Since it was raining  at the time, Jagos says that the rain is brown and
acid.  The direction of the wind was, mercifully, favourable driving the
huge poisonous cloud away from the city.


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