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Diane Johnstone writes from Paris April 3

The Albanians did not much like the Hill document either. They
>probably wanted NATO to get Kosovo for ethnic Albanians, not for itself.
>They had to be openly coaxed into signing by the promise that only if
they >signed, NATO would be able to start bombing Serbia.
> And this is called a "peace agreement"?  It was a war agreement
>between NATO and the armed Albanians in the KLA.
> Incidentally, according to Article 52 of the Vienna Treaties
>Convention, treaties are not binding if obtained by threat or use of
force. >The whole Clinton administration "sign or we'll bomb you" performance has
>been in violation of international law.
> The Yugoslavs were ready to make huge political sacrifices, but
not >to welcome NATO. NATO was the sticking point. A United Nations
peacekeeping force might well have been acceptable. However, the Clinton
administration >insisted on NATO or nothing.
>  In short, the interests of Kosovo, the interests of world peace,
>were sacrificed to U.S. ambitions for NATO.

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