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CIA & other warnings

 U.S. intelligence officials are said
to have predicted the mass human exodus that has now occurred.
        Weeks before the NATO air campaign began, George
Tenet, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, forecast that
Serb-led Yugoslav forces might respond by accelerating their
campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, the Washington Post
        Quoting sources within the American administration, the
newspaper says CIA officials repeatedly raised the possibility of an
expanded Serbian ethnic-cleansing campaign if the West threatened
Belgrade militarily.       

        "I don't think that any person who is sane, any decent
civilized person could have been expected to see that anybody
would behave with the barbarity and brutality he [Milosevic] has,"
Mr. Cook said.
        That statement drew a furious response yesterday from John
Bruton, the former Irish prime minister. "The present refugee crisis
was not only foreseeable, it was foreseen," Mr. Bruton declared in a
statement issued in Dublin. "It is profoundly dishonest to pretend
        "The British foreign secretary . . . is simply not making a
truthful statement when he said that no one could have foreseen a
refugee crisis on the scale of the one now happening in the Balkans,
following the decision to bomb Yugoslavia while refusing to
commit ground troops under any circumstances. He is wrong.
        "After the NATO announcement of bombing, but before the
bombing had started, I attended a meeting in Berlin where Carl
Bildt, Swedish opposition leader and a former mediator in Bosnia,
specifically predicted one million refugees within two weeks of the
bombing starting.

        Mr. Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, was the UN's
special representative for peace negotiations in Bosnia and
Herzegovina in the former Yugoslavia in 1995. He delivered his
prediction of a million refugees to Javier Solana, NATO's secretary

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