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Sworn Statements by Abu Ghraib Detainees

These documents, obtained by The Washington Post, are the offical English translations of previously secret sworn statements by detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Some of the names have been withheld from these statements by washingtonpost.com because they are alleged victims of sexual assault. These files are in PDF format.

Some of the descriptions in these statements may be disturbing because of their sexually explicit or graphic nature.


Nori Samir Gunbar AL-YASSERI, Jan. 17

Hiadar Saber Abed Miktub AL-ABOODI, Jan. 20

Shalan Said ALSHARONI, Jan. 17

Abd Alwhab YOUSS, Jan. 17

Thaar Salman DAWOD, Jan. 17

Mustafa Jassim MUSTAFA, Jan. 17

Mustafa Jassim MUSTAFA, Jan. 18

Kasim Mehaddi HILAS, Jan. 18

Ameen Sa'eed AL-SHEIKH, Jan. 16

[Name Withheld], Jan. 21

Mohanded Juma JUMA, Jan. 18

Asad Hamza HANFOSH, Jan. 17

Abdou Hussain Saad FALEH, Jan. 16

Hussein Mohssein Mata AL-ZAYIADI, Jan. 18