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NATO Indictment Meeting With War Crimes Tribunal Prosecutor Arbour reported by participant Glen Rangwala


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Subject: [indict-nato] Fwd/Glen Rangwala: Meeting With Tribunal Prosecutor Arbour

Date:   9-JUN-1999 17:21:29.80
From:   IN%"gr10009@hermes.cam.ac.uk"  "Glen Rangwala"
Subj:   Evidence of NATO Crimes Presented to Prosecutor

Contact: Glen Rangwala (UK): -- gr10009@cam.ac.uk

Evidence of Nato Crimes Presented to Prosecutor

(The Hague, 9 June) Legal representatives from the United Kingdom,
Canada, Greece, and Norway met today for two and a half hours with the
Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former
Yugoslavia, Louise Arbour and three senior members of her legal staff
in The Hague. The lawyers presented what they believe to be compelling
evidence of war crimes committed by Nato in its bombing campaign
against Yugoslavia. Arbour welcomed the submissions and characterized
the discussion as useful. The lawyers said they were "extremely
encouraged" by the meeting.

The lawyers charged Nato leaders with grave violations of international
criminal law in causing civilian death, injury and destruction. They
underlined that ample evidence was available to justify prosecution of
individual Nato leaders and promised to continue providing the
Prosecutor with evidence to further substantiate the charges.

Appearing before the tribunal were Alexander Lykouzeros of Greece,
Andr=E9 Savik of Norway, Glen Rangwala of the United Kingdom, Alejandro
Teitelbaum of the American Association of Jurists and Professor Michael
Mandel of Canada. 'We told the Prosecutor that the tribunal's
credibility was on the line,' said Rangwala, who is an international
lawyer from Trinity College, Cambridge University. 'This is a historic
opportunity to demonstrate the even-handedness of international
justice. A failure to indict Nato leaders would be a severe blow to
international law.'

Justice Arbour reaffirmed that Nato leaders were not immune from
prosecution, but added that the tribunal has a firm rule not to
disclose the existence or nature of its ongoing investigations.

Details of the United Kingdom submission to the tribunal can be found
on the internet at: http://ban.joh.cam.ac.uk/~maicl/

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