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Damage "Collateral" to What?


May 25.1999 At least 42 hospitals in Serbia are without
electricity and 31 of them without water. 

May 24.1999 Nato bombers
have again hit power facilities in
Serbia, causing shortages
of electricity and water throughout
the country. About 70% of
Serbia is without power and water.

May 22.1999 Many of
Serbia's towns were blacked out
overnight as NATO
launched waves of heavy attacks on
power plants. 

May 21.1999 Nato confirms
it carried out an attack on the
Kosovo town of Istok,
where a bomb landed on a prison
killing more than 10

May 21.1999 Another
apparent mistake in overnight airstrikes
blew out windows at the
Swiss ambassador's residence in
Belgrade during a
reception. Residences of the Swedish and
Spanish ambassadors were
damaged a day earlier during raids
that also rained bombs on
a civilian hospital. 

May 20.1999 Nato has
killed at least three patients in a
Belgrade hospital. Two
women in labour were also injured.
BBC Belgrade Correspondent Mike Williams,

May 19.1999 Hospital "Dragisa Misovic" in Belgrade has
been hit by NATO missiles. 

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