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Losses to April 20


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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:09:14 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Losses

3. NATO and Serb Losses Detailed

BELGRADE, Apr. 23 - With various Serb sources claiming an average of three
shoot-downs of various NATO aircraft per day, "sometimes even more;" and
with NATO keeping its mouth shut while licking its wounds, it's hard to
get an accurate handle as to how badly NATO is hurting.

In the Special TiM GW Bulletin Day 28, Update 1, Item 2 (Apr. 20), we
provided the estimates of some Russian sources.  Now, we can refer you to
the following Web site, which details, incident by incident; day by day;
the 63 instances in which NATO planes had been shot down between Mar. 24
and Apr. 20:


And yes, if you browse through this Web site, you can also see some photos
of the NATO planes' wrecks.

Meanwhile, the Serb side in the war has also outlined its losses to-date.
The Yugoslav minister for information, M. Komnenic, said in a report
released in Belgrade on Wednesday (Apr. 21) that 517 civilians were killed
by NATO during the Mar. 24-Apr. 20 period, among them 13 children.  And
that over 4,000 civilians were wounded in NATO's raids.

Preliminary estimates of material damages inflicted by NATO bombers and
missiles during the same period put the amount at about $10 billion.  The
northern province of Vojvodina alone suffered about $3.5 billion in

Across Yugoslavia, 11 bridges were destroyed, 14 damaged; 12 railroad
lines and stations were hit, as well as six major highways and airports 
during the first four week period of the war.  Also, 16 hospitals and
clinics were damaged, along with over 190 school buildings, and 
thousands of private residences, according to the Yugoslav government

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