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Hague Court appeal by Russia


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NEW YORK, Apr. 12 - Russia asked the International Court of Justice, also
known as the World Court in the Hague, to determine the legal consequences
of NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, the Associated Press has reported from
New York on Apr. 12.

Moscow has argued that NATO action over the Kosovo dispute is illegal
because the U.N. Security Council didn't explicitly authorize it. Russia
also says the strikes against its Serb allies violate the fundamental goal
of the United Nations, which is to maintain peace in the world.

The draft request doesn't mention Kosovo, NATO or Yugoslavia by name, but
diplomats said the intent of the resolution was clear: to give Russia
another chance to formally object to the NATO assault on its allies in
Belgrade.  The draft cites the U.N. Charter in saying individual nations
and regional organizations cannot use force against sovereign states
without the authorization of the Security Council.

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