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OSCE Pan European/North Am alternative to NATO


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whole of Europe?  The OSCE was started a quarter of a century
ago to serve as a multilateral forum for dialogue and negotiation
between East and West.  As a regional arrangement under Chapter
VIII of the UN Charter, the OSCE was established as a primary
instrument for early warning, conflict prevention and crisis
management in Europe.  In the Charter of Paris for a New Europe,
the OSCE was called upon to contribute to managing the historic
change in Europe and respond to the new challenges of the post-
Cold War period.  It was believed that the OSCE would replace
NATO as the principal security watchdog in Europe.  Russia would
like to have NATO subservient to the OSCE.  But in NATO^s
resurgence, the OSCE is fading.
    Why?  One reason is because all states in the OSCE have equal
status and decisions are made on the basis of consensus.  This does
not sit well with the lone superpower in the world whose military
might exceeds the combined power of most of Europe.
    Why should the U.S.^ exercising its military might through
dominance of an expanding NATO ^ create such a permanent
source of friction with Russia?  NATO expansion is a backward

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